Prairie Engineers of Illinois, P.C. served as survey lead for the development of a topographic and boundary survey for Central Illinois Ag in Atlanta, Illinois.

The topographic survey was conducted on an approximately 22 acres site consisting of multiple buildings, concrete and gravel parking lots, above ground and underground utilities, adjacent roadways, and a grass field. The topographic survey was used by the owner to determine new building elevations, utility connections and extensions, and site elevations. Benchmarks and control points were set to establish vertical and horizontal control for design and construction of the new showroom facility.

The boundary survey for the site involved the three (3) parcels located on the 22 acres. The scope of work included courthouse research, monument reconnaissance, field surveys, and boundary calculations. Field surveys were conducted using URS enabled RTK GPS receivers and robotic total stations. All surveys were referenced to the Illinois State Plane Coordinate System. The information provided in the topographical and boundary surveys was used by the owner for the design and permitting of a new showroom facility.

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